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California Alpaca Farm
Our California Alpaca Farm 

Our California alpaca farm is located in Northern California, near Sacramento.

Prior to Raising Alpacas. I (Bonnie) spent 30 years in the Navy and August spent close to 40 years in construction. I was born and raised in Northern California and owned horses, dogs and cats almost all of my life! After graduating from UC Davis with a BS in Animal Science, and working as a Medical Technologist in Sacramento, I decided to go to medical school. I completed my last two years on a Navy Health Professions Scholarship, for which I owed two years to the Navy as payback. I never dreamed I'd be in Navy medicine for a 30-year career! I was a clinician and teacher of internal medicine for the first twenty years, and then transitioned into executive medicine, retiring as a Rear Admiral in 2003.

August grew up in Canada and spent time working on a farm as a young man. He then followed his father into the construction business and learned the trade from him. His Dad always knew who was best equipped to use tools like shovels, sledge hammers and jack hammers, and who was most qualified to tote bundles of shingles and bags of cement. After about six years, August started working for a commercial contractor and became a site superintendent, building small schools and hospitals in Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan. After August and I were married, August worked wherever the Navy assigned me, and so he did everything from supervising the renovation of commercial spaces to residential renovation and insurance repairs.

Living Our Dream. August and I spent our working years dreaming of owning a ranch in retirement. We decided to return to Northern California when I retired from the Navy, and purchased 5 acres in Auburn where we could have horses again. Once we got settled, we made the decision to board my horse where there was better access to trails, and use our small acreage to raise livestock. We did not want to raise animals that would be butchered or need milking…and so we decided to raise fiber animals. After looking at sheep and goats, we discovered ALPACAS! We knew the very minute we saw our first alpaca that we would be in the alpaca business! It didn't take us long to learn about the tax advantages and the investment potential of alpacas. We purchased a few pregnant females to start growing our herd, and now, after several birthing seasons, we have over 50 alpacas... We also have four guard llamas keeping a watchful eye on them.

There are two different types of alpaca: the huacaya with crimpy, fluffy fleece and the suri, with straight fleece. At Fair Winds Alpacas, we raise huacaya alpacas.

August and I have found other alpaca owners to be friendly and very willing to share their knowledge, and because of our alpacas, we have made many new friends. We are active in several alpaca organizations, and being committed to service to others, I am a past President of the California Alpaca Breeders Association, Inc. (Calpaca), and past President of our local alpaca association. I have served as a member of the joint Alpaca Registry Inc. (ARI) - Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association's (AOBA) Government and Industry Relations Committee, and for the past 3 years I have served as President of the ARI Board of Directors.

August and I have enjoyed working with each other and educating ourselves about alpacas, alpaca fiber and the alpaca industry, and we continue to learn on a daily basis. We have developed expertise in ranch layout, alpaca husbandry and herd health, and we specialize in educating prospective alpaca owners, and mentoring and supporting new alpaca owners.

The traditional farewell (or toast) of a mariner is wishing a friend "fair winds and following seas." It is Navy tradition to use this phrase to bid a shipmate farewell at the conclusion of a Navy retirement ceremony because it represents the ideal underway conditions for which sailors yearn. We enjoy sharing our passion for these amazing animals, and you are invited to call us at any time to schedule a visit to Fair Winds Alpacas (near Sacramento, California) where you will find Superior Service and Around the Clock Support.

California Alpaca Farm

California Alpacas

Baby Alpaca in the Field
Baby Alpaca in the Field

At our California Alpaca Farm
At our California Alpaca Farm

California alpacas

Alpacas in California
Alpacas in California

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